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American Gladiators

Venus Ramos. www.ironmanmagazine.comI just got done watching the new American Gladiators.  I was surprised to see Venus Ramos in the competition.  She was a replacement for the female contestant that got injured in the first event.  Venus started out slow but gained momentum throughout the events.  She was in the lead 12-11 going into the Eliminator, the last event.  Venus earned a half second lead which did not last long after the first obstacle.  She gained the lead back after the swim but lost it climbing up the cargo net.  Her competitor, Koya, had a substantial lead all the way up to the reverse escalator.  Koya was almost to the top of the escalator but was too tired to get to the top and continue on to busting through the wall.  She tried three times before Venus made it to the escalator.  Venus was still on the beam when Koya made her first attempt at the escalator.  When Venus made it to the escalator, she made it up the escalator in one attempt and passed Koya.  Exhausted and fatigued, Venus busted through the wall for the victory.  She could barely talk to Hulk Hogan during her interview.  She earned a spot among 8 to return next week.

She did well but I think if she was to move on, she’ll need to work on her endurance.  She was a tired puppy.  Venus has great spirit.  Her parents were in the crowd too. Sorry if you haven’t seen it and spoiled the ending for you since I’m 3 hours ahead of you. It’s good to see a fitness/figure competitor during the off season.

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