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All-Natural Pill Sparks Extreme Muscle Size and Strength

(Nottingham, UK) – Despite the dangers of steroids, you may have considered taking them to build muscle.

Recent research at numerous universities and clinics have found that a natural, legal substance can amplify many of the factors that make anabolic steroids effective—but with no detrimental health consequences. In fact, it’s been shown to be a healthy anitoxidant in the body.

That’s why a handful of coaches recently revealed that they’ve had their elite athletes using beta-alanine, a naturally occurring amino acid, to build muscle size and power and dominate in their chosen sport—from UFC fighters to football players to bodybuilders to powerlifters to triathletes to marathon runners.

After more than 30 clinical studies, scientists have found that beta-alanine converts to carnosine in the body, loading muscle tissue with 60 percent more carnosine than average.

A high level of muscle carnosine is important to elite athletes. Muscle biopsies show the most muscular, strongest athletes have significantly more carnosine in their fast-twitch muscle fibers than sedentary individuals. The reason is that years of high-intensity training cause the body to "stockpile" this lactic acid buffer.

How to Build Muscle With Beta-Alanine

Lactic acid is what causes the burning sensation in a muscle when it’s working close to capacity. If that burn is temporarily buffered, the trainee is capable of extending past the "fatigue threshold," capable of going longer, stronger.

For example, a study found that 30 days of beta-alanine supplementation in resistance-trained men led to a 22 percent increase in total repetitions per set per workout. (Nutrition Research. 28:31-35. 2008). That is how to build muscle.

Unfortunately, it takes years of hard training for the body to naturally build up carnosine stores in muscle tissue. Taking a few daily doses of natural beta-alanine allows that to happen over days rather than years.

Competitive drug-free bodybuilder Dave Goodin began using beta-alanine after more than 30 years of hard-training. He had been trying to qualify for pro competition—against steroid-using bodybuilders—but could never make the cut. After introducing beta-alanine to his supplement regimen, he won his pro card and is now a professional bodybuilder at 52 years of age—and he has never used steroids. That’s unheard of.

Goodin comments: "When I use Red Dragon [beta-alanine], it allows me to crank out more reps per set. Those extra reps build more muscle, and I finally earned my pro card and won a Masters World Championship!"

Health Benefits of Beta-Alanine

Research continues to mount on beta-alanine’s muscle-size and strength-building properties with no side effects—and more recent studies show that it has significant health benefits as well.

Studies show that beta-alanine is a potent antioxidant that can fortify the immune system. Its acid-buffering abilities are thought to be the reason behind these impressive health benefits—a lower acidic environment equals a healthier body.

Which Beta-Alanine Product Is Best to Build Muscle?

With so much solid science behind beta-alanine, many companies have been adding it to their various concoctions; however, almost all of the studies are with pure beta-alanine. Nothing has been shown to work better. University research has concluded the following benefits thus far of pure beta-alanine:

* Higher muscular strength and power output

* Build new muscle mass

* Increases in anaerobic (power) endurance

* Increases in aerobic endurance

* Delays muscle fatigue—train harder, more intensely and longer

It’s great for athletes of any sport and at any level looking to improve their progress—and it can help you build muscle, get stronger, look better or get a legal edge over your competition.

Red Dragon is pure pharmaceutical-grade beta-alanine and is the first carnosine synthesizer. Whether you are looking to build muscle and get faster or stronger, order Red Dragon today. It’s a proven, safe nutritional supplement that can take your development and abilities to the next level. It’s so powerful, it’s patented.

Note: Red Dragon is offering special pricing to our website visitors. You will feel it working from your very first dose.

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