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Jerry Shabazz

Jerry ShabazzJerry Shabazz calls himself “RiversideRookie” on BodySpace, but this rookie quickly found the right place to be. “This is the only site I know of where I can interact with people who have the same love of bodybuilding as I do,” he says. “I have yet to meet serious bodybuilders who live near me. So in a way these are friends and this is the community I feel most comfortable in. When I’m on BodySpace, I’m home.”

A construction tech for the Southern California Gas Company, Jerry works hard at his very physical job, but he still hits the gym regularly. He says that working out makes work easier and keeps him from getting hurt. Now Jerry is taking it further: He really wants to pack on some muscle. His job and a fast metabolism make it tough, but he’s progressing by taking lots of food to work and supplementing with whey protein and creatine. He’s also been trying out different supplements he learns about from other BodySpace members and reads about on

Born in Alaska to an Air Force family, Jerry was raised on good old Southern cooking, which means it tasted fine but was very fatty and not all that healthful. Now married, he wants to set the right example for his two kids. His older son is right in there, lifting with Dad and having a great time doing it. Jerry is also setting an example for his friends at work, who have started asking him about his diet and working out.

So watch out for Jerry. This “Riverside Rookie” wants to one day look more like his bodybuilding hero, ’75 Mr. Olympia contender Serge Nubret. Visit this hard-working guy on BodySpace and ask him the one question I forgot to ask: How does he fit it all in—working hard, being a dad and now being the latest BodySpace Physique of the Month? Check him out at

—Ian Sitren

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