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Remembering Sergio Oliva

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ironmanmagazine.comSergio Oliva: July 4, 1941–November 12, 2012

When Rick Wayne first called Sergio Oliva “the Myth” in print, everyone who saw him was, like Rick, grasping for a way to comprehend what was before their eyes. Myth has multiple meanings, and Sergio embodied several of them.

First was his legendary heroic defection from Cuba, which was part of his being a hero to many. A myth can be imaginary, a persona or tale that is pure fiction. “The Myth” perfectly encapsulated the many questions that his very presence created. Sergio Oliva rewrote the possible. Standing next to his competitors, he was both unreal by the existing standards and very real because of his personality. His unmatched physical gifts were matched by a unique combination of fun-loving jokester and unbelievably hardworking bodybuilder and weightlifter.

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