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Max-Muscle-Size Do’s and Don’ts: Tips You Can Use to Get Huge

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #691:
Max-Muscle-Size Do's and Don'ts: Tips You Can Use to Get Huge


Max-Muscle-Size Do's and Don'ts: Tips You Can Use to Get Huge

Q: I just started using The 4X Mass Workout, and I can feel it working already. I even look bigger, but that could just be positive thinking. Lol. I want to grow as quickly as possible, so what are the mistakes people make with the 4X method? Are there any tips you can give me so I can gain 10 pounds of muscle?

A: While the speed at which you gain muscle mass is determined by your genetics, it's way slower than it should be for most. That's because most trainees don't do everything right to maximize their individual size-building potential quickly. You’re on a better mass track than most with the 4X mass method. Here's why….

Most people think they need to train heavy ALL THE TIME to maximize muscle growth. Not true--and that's exactly why growth is so slow for most trainees. Studies show that longer tension times build the most size…

And that's one of the biggest mass-building mistakes people make--their sets are over and done in about 20 seconds. You need to keep the muscle working for longer than that. Here's what Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. says in is book The Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength…

“The best TUT [time under tension] for STRENGTH is about four to 20 seconds per set and about 40 to 60 seconds per set for MUSCLE GROWTH.”

That's why in our latest e-books we recommend one second to lift and three seconds to lower. That's four seconds per rep, so if you get 10 reps, as we prescribe in the 4X e-book, you'll hit the hypertrophic 40-second mark for serious sarcoplasmic size on every set…

In fact, former Mr. America winner Doug Brignole uses 4X and has built a lot of new muscle with it; however, he often likes to do many of the sets as a drops. For example, he will do curls, reduce the weight and immediately do another set of 10--then rest for 40 seconds before hitting it again.

Doug's drop-set method increases tension time even more--and it's worked amazingly well for him, even though he's past age 50. Check him out…

On shorter-stroke exercises--like calf raises, wrist curls, crunches and even DB pullovers--you may want to up your reps to 12 or even 15. That's because you will do many reps in only two to three seconds. Three seconds to lower seems too slow when you only have to move a few inches…

For example, we timed our calf raises, and we were only getting 30 seconds with 10 reps. An extra two or more reps will push it up to 40. Calves and forearms are high-endurance muscles, so they will respond best to even longer tension times. You may want to try higher reps, Brignole's drop set method or even Pre-Ex 3X supersets on those muscles and other slow responders…

Longer tension times will build muscle fast. Look at many of the top CrossFit athletes. A lot of them are starting to look like bodybuilders, and they do quite a few reps with only moderate weights--almost never using extreme poundages for low reps.

In fact, many of the events are 20 reps--and the TUT is a minute or more per move. That's why most CrossFitters show loads of impressive muscle--no mega weights necessary. [Note: We're not endorsing CrossFit--many of the exercises/events are dangerous and some, like chins, are performed ballistically--not good. We are about joint-friendly, controlled weight training to pack on more muscle.]

So 4X mass-building tip 1: Make sure every one of your sets lasts 40 seconds or more…

We'll have other 4X-mass-method tips to get you big and ripped in the next e-zine.

Till next time, train hard--and smart--for BIG results.

--Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson


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