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According to Applied Nutriceuticals Marketing Director Alyson Tagliaferri, “Peach Tea Lit-Up tastes exactly like your favorite brand of peach tea—it tastes absolutely amazing. And the feeling you get from it is unlike any other preworkout supplement on the market today,”

The ultraconcentrated preworkout powder delivers the perfect amount of energy, focus and pump without the strung-out feeling and loss of appetite that results from many preworkout products. Lit-Up burns excess bodyfat as it adds an extra pump to a workout, enabling users to get the best workout possible and achieve maximum gains.

Lit-Up is clinically proven to trigger dramatic increases in testosterone due to the full dose of D-aspartic acid in its formula. As a result, users will see better neuromuscular strength, mind/muscle-connection enhancement and increased libido. The lab-proven ingredients create a synergism between the hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide pathways, allowing for better nutrient flow to target muscle tissue as well.

What sets Lit-Up apart from its competitors is the 100 percent natural stimulants that promote clean, crisp energy for working out without shutting down hunger afterward. Lit-Up also has pronounced mood-enhancing effects that increase focus without over-stimulating the central nervous system.

For more information visit AppNut.com.


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