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First Tri-Flavor Bar

Nutrition bar company Forward Foods, LLC, the maker of the award-winning Detour bar, has added the Detour Lower Sugar Neapolitan to its existing line of whey protein bars. It’s the first Neapolitan-flavored nutrition bar and will be available in two sizes: an 80-gram bar with 30 grams of high-quality protein, 340 calories and just six grams of sugar; and a 40-gram bar with 15 grams of high-quality protein, 170 calories and only three grams of sugar.

In addition to being the first Neapolitan protein bar on the market, it’s also the first tri-flavor bar, mimicking the popular Neapolitan ice cream treat with a rich milk chocolate soft-set layer sandwiched between a creamy vanilla nougat core and a sweet strawberry nougat core.

The Detour Lower Sugar line delivers the same great candy bar taste Detour is known for with just a fraction of the sugar found in other protein products. Both the large and small Detour Lower Sugar bars are now available in four flavors: Neapolitan, caramel peanut, chocolate chip caramel and peanut butter cream. They are available in health and fitness retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores, military bases and online at Follow Detour Bars on Facebook at


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