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How to prevent injuries before workouts

/ Posted 05.06.2014

Q: As a natural bodybuilder you are such an inspiration to me. I was wondering what you do to prevent … continue reading

How to Get Your Shoulders to Progress

/ Posted 05.03.2014

Q: I’ve been using the workout you suggested, and it’s working really well. I’m doing chest and arms on Monday, … continue reading

Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

/ Posted 11.08.2013

Q: How is your recovery from your shoulder surgery going? Are you going to compete again? If so, what adjustments … continue reading

Monster Traps with Hybrid Cable-Dumbbell Shrugs

/ Posted 09.20.2013

A big, thick set of traps shows that you’re a serious trainer—even more so than big arms, which can hide … continue reading

Dumbbell Exercises for Healthy Rotator Cuff Muscles

/ Posted 03.20.2013

Q: I love to bench-press, and to keep my shoulders healthy, I’ve been doing a dumbbell exercise for my rotator … continue reading

Squats and Jacked-Up Shoulders

/ Posted 01.23.2013

Q: We are about the same age, so I’m hoping you can help me with my problem. Because of repeated … continue reading

The Arnold Press for Building Shoulders

/ Posted 12.30.2012

Q: What do you think of the Arnold press for developing the shoulders and of dumbbell shoulder presses in general? … continue reading

How can I lengthen my lats?

/ Posted 10.24.2012

Q: How can I lengthen my lats? A: It’s not possible to lengthen any muscle unless you’re not fully grown … continue reading

The Cure for Narrow Shoulders and Flat Delts

Q: Broad shoulders get girls’ attention, but mine are narrow. Plus, my delts are flat. Should I do more presses … continue reading

How to Get Balanced Muscles and Good Posture

/ Posted 09.06.2012

Q: I split my workouts between the gym and home, and for the home workouts I want to stick with … continue reading

The Ultimate Exercise for Lats

Q: I’m reading your X-Rep e-book [The Ultimate Mass Workout], and you list the Ultimate Exercise for each muscle. For … continue reading

How can I develop bigger traps so that they pop out when I do a crab pose?

/ Posted 07.22.2012

Q: How can I develop bigger traps so that they pop out when I do a crab pose? A: Consider … continue reading

More on Shoulder Training and Straining

/ Posted 04.25.2012

A SLAP tear can cause clicking and popping with or without pain, a deep ache in the shoulder and pain when you’re performing bench presses, flyes, incline presses or cable crossovers.

More Pressing Issues: Bench Press Stress

/ Posted 02.23.2012

The most popular exercise in any gym in North America is the bench press. It has variations: the close- and … continue reading

Behind the Neck Presses

Q: I’ve seen you recommend behind-the-neck pulldowns in your training blog, but you never include behind-the-neck presses. Is the behind-the-neck … continue reading

Best Big-Shoulder Molder

/ Posted 12.20.2011

Q: What is the best, as you like to say, “bang for the buck” exercise for the shoulders? What do … continue reading


Most Underused Exercises, Part 2

/ Posted 11.13.2011

Q: For each of the major bodyparts what exercises do you feel are most underused by bodybuilders today? Also, why … continue reading

Shoulder Size and Striations

/ Posted 07.09.2011

Q: Do you work traps with shoulders or with back? Where do you recommend putting shoulder training in your workout … continue reading


Size-Surging Shockers

/ Posted 05.27.2011

Q: I’ve been using your Power/Rep Range/Shock training method for years and have made wonderful overall progress. That said, my … continue reading


Dumbbell vs. Barbell Bench Presses

/ Posted 04.08.2011

Q: I’ve had shoulder tendinitis in the past but got some good soft-tissue treatment, so now after a long layoff … continue reading


Row to Grow Rear Delts

/ Posted 04.02.2011

Aside from legs, which many guys either don’t train at all—crazy but true—or don’t train as hard as the “show … continue reading


Why Does Bench Pressing Hurt My Shoulder?

/ Posted 03.03.2011

Without doubt, the bench press is the most popular weight-training exercise in North America. Anyone who asks, “How much do … continue reading


Baseball in the Summer

/ Posted 02.21.2011

Q: I like to play baseball in the summer and want to protect my shoulders by performing some rotator cuff … continue reading


Triple-Threat Shoulder Sets

/ Posted 12.11.2010

Q: I’ve been doing side lateral raises for two months, four to five sets of 10 to 12 reps, but … continue reading


You Can Injure Abdominal Muscles Too

/ Posted 11.30.2010

We’ve been seeing more abdominal injuries over the past 10 years. The term that came out of them—sports hernia—really doesn’t tell us much, if anything, about the injuries. That’s because the injury isn’t a hernia but a tear, or overstretch, of the rectus abdominis muscle.

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