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Wow-Factor Workouts

I’m a trainer in Columbia, South Carolina, and I’ve been a loyal IRON MAN reader for years. I even use [Steve Holman’s] Positions-of-Flexion method personally and with most of my clients. I read his recent 4×10 training article and tried it on my shoulder and arm workouts. Wow! I thought my bi’s and tri’s were going to explode. I was sore the day after and really sore two days later. I plan on starting most of my trainees on 4X for a four-to-six-week period. I’m 52 years old and definitely a hardgainer. I started out at 6’5" and about 180, and now I weigh 220. My gains really came on since I started applying POF, and I’m hoping for more with 4X. Thanks for the great training advice and a great magazine.

Paul Seidelson
via Internet

Editor’s note: The official Position-of-Flexion guide is the e-book 3D Muscle Building, available at or the X Shop at The e-book 4X Mass Workout is available at

Naturally Huge Rules

I want to thank IRON MAN for John Hansen’s monthly column, Naturally Huge. John has been writing it for 11 years, and his honest, down-to-earth advice is a refreshing breath of fresh air each and every month. In my opinion, John is one of the greatest natural bodybuilders in the history of the sport, and his massive physique is obviously a product of his training and nutrition know-how and experience. Hailing from the Chicago area, I get to watch and enjoy the natural bodybuilding competitions that John promotes each year. His obvious passion for the sport is evident in the effort he puts into each show. My thanks for including the report on his recent Natural North America contest [December ’10]. The audience was cheering so loudly, it was reminiscent of how exciting bodybuilding contests were several decades ago.

Terry Stand
Chicago, IL

Teper On Top

I’m writing you for two reasons. First, to tell Lonnie Teper that people are still talking about the incredible emcee job he did at the New Jersey Championships back in August. My phone was ringing off the hook with people raving about his performance. After seeing him emcee at the Arnold Classic and the Nationals in the past, I knew he was the best man for the job. In addition, I was shocked to open the December IRON MAN and see the tremendous coverage he gave my contest in the "Jersey Shore" segment of News & Views. As always, Lonnie’s exceptional writing plus photos made our day. It’s amazing how his personality mirrors his writing, with just the right amount of stats and humor. So a big thank-you to Lonnie from all of us involved with the contest for his professionalism, wit and passion. He played a major role in making my debut as the New Jersey Championships promoter an unbelievable experience.

Dwayne McDaniel
Maplewood, NJ

Ode to "A Mass Odyssey"

The interview with Todd Smith [by David Young] was one of the most interesting I’ve ever read from a bodybuilding standpoint ["A Mass Odyssey," January ’11]. The lessons he imparted from legendary masters he trained with, including Bill Pearl, Vince Gironda, Arthur Jones and Larry Scott, are invaluable and have made me reevaluate my training. My thanks to Todd for opening up and sharing his lifelong muscle-building odyssey.

Arnold Spelling
Jacksonville, FL

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