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Why is it so hard to lose weight? Science weighs in

Losing weight isn’t easy. We get that. While we’ve all dismissed the claims of our overweight friends that it’s harder for them to drop weight than our fitter buddies, new research might just prove them right. According to researchers from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, when you’re already overweight, it actually is harder to drop the pounds. The researchers discovered that people who are overweight produce a protein that slows their ability to burn off fat. The specific protein is known as sLR11 and it attaches itself to fat cell receptors, which prevents thermogenesis from happening.

Basically, that means this protein tells your body to hold onto fat to keep you warm, which is great when you’re cold, but terrible when you want to lose weight. Even people who undergo serious bariatric surgery can’t shake the effects of the protein. However, their weight loss post surgery is proportionate to the reduction of the sLR11 protein left in their body. If there was ever another good reason to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle, this is definitely it. Maybe you should rethink that cheat meal or week off from the gym?

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