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West Palm Beach Pro: Feels Like a Post-Olympia Lull

Although, in fact, the pro-figure season never actually ended, what with the West Palm Beach fitness and figure shows going down in Florida a week or so ago, the Sacramento Pro coming up on November 3 and the Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure on November 10. Maybe it’s because there were no European Grand Prix for the men after the Olympia this year that it feels like nothing’s happening. Maybe it’s because having a figure show every two to four weeks has become part of the same old, same old.

For the record, here are the results of those shows:

1) Julie Palmer*
2) Julie Lohre*
3) Stacy Simons*
4) Heidi Fletcher
5) Michelle Mayberry
6) Maria Bellando
7) Nicole Duncan
8) Kendra Elias
9) Lisa McCormick
10) Liza Hughes
11) Shannon Dey
12) Hollie Stewart
13) Sonja Bruce
14) Angela Monteleone-Semsch
15) Sandra Wickham
16) Stephanie Worsfold
17) Allison Daughtry
18) Michelle Thieson
19) Rosalind Vanderpool
19) Susan Groshek

*Qualifies for the ’08 Fitness Olympa.

1) Gina Aliotti
2) Latisha Wilder
3) Paola Almerico
4) Natalie Benson
5) Heather Green
6) Zivile Raudoniene
7) Shannon Meteraud
8) Danielle Hollanshade
9) Tivisay Briceno
10) Christine Wan
11) Pia Johnson
12) Meriza De Guzman
13) Melissa Pearo
14) Marie Gibbon
15) Cynthia Sharp
16) Claire Parmley
17) Helen Turley
18) Aymara Munoz

Zena Collins did not finish.

*Qualifies for the ’08 Figure Olympia.


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