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Welcome to my Iron Man blog! I am very excited to be writing this blog and having you all follow me along my fitness journey. My blog is going to focus on being busy and fit. You see, between finishing my PhD, landing a new position at a university, playing volleyball, training for a half marathon (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself), writing magazine AND research articles, going out on operation “Find Jen A Man” (which is on take 264, I believe), and still making it to the gym to lift and strength train, I find it very hard to stay on track. Especially with my diet. I don’t think I’ve meal prepped in like 2 months, although I’m not sure why as meal prepping makes life easier. I actually took a hiatus from strength training because according to someone I love “I wasn’t looking all that feminine” (That’s a whole other story!). And I have been collecting data for my dissertation almost nonstop. So fast food seems to be the fix. EVEN THOUGH I KNOW IT ISN’T! But I think this is going to help hold me accountable. Because I’m a bad liar, like terrible! So I’ll be honest here about all the obstacles that are in my way. Because at the end of the day, I would love to compete. I’ve accomplished so many of my goals, that I want my next one to be me on the cover of a fitness magazine. FOR REAL! So I guess you’ll be along for what appears to be a roller coaster ride!

Gotta get back to this.

Gotta get back to this.

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