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To do a touch-and-go rep, you must lower the barbell in perfect form to set yourself up for the next clean rep and to protect your back.

As a rule of thumb, pause at the bottom of each deadlift rep. You need to develop starting strength for a big pull, and you’ll never do that unless you pull a dead weight.

To do a touch-and-go rep, you must lower the barbell in perfect form to set yourself up for the next clean rep and to protect your back. Doing a negative in the deadlift takes experience. Otherwise it’s just plain dangerous; the bar tends to pull you forward on your toes and round your back.

Even if you’ve succeeded in not letting the bar run forward and bend you over, don’t think your troubles are over. You’ve probably assumed an exaggeratedly upright stance. Your knees have slipped forward and gotten banged up while your hamstrings have lost tension. You’re in a hideous position for the next rep. That’s why I recommend quickly pushing your hips back, dropping down with the barbell after each repetition, and resetting for each rep as if it’s the first one.

Nevertheless, experienced lifters have legit reasons for periodically doing touch-and-go deadlifts with controlled negatives. First, it’s well known that eccentric contractions are important for stimulating muscle growth. Second, touch-and-go reps are good for cleaning up your technique. Stay tight and keep your breathing shallow. Letting out too much air at any time is putting your lower back in danger. Inhale on the way down, and keeping your stomach tight—it will not be easy—grunt slightly halfway up. Don’t bounce the bar on the platform; just gently touch it and go up without losing tension or air.

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