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  • Squats and Arms

    I’d love to tell you yes because I like making people miserable, but it would not be true.

    ArmsPavelAugust 23, 2010
  • Rep Tempo to Grow

    When the tempo was varied, however, the gains were 50 percent greater than those from the medium tempo.

    TrainingPavelJune 12, 2010
  • Squats, Laterals and Assorted Tips and Tricks

    I’m sick and tired of seeing every type of exercise discomfort being “solved” by lightening the load. It’s the path of...

    ArmsPavelMarch 29, 2010
  • Lat-Feel Fixes

    The mind-to-lats connection is not an easy one to develop. Plan on spending months or even years finessing it. In the...

    ArmsPavelMay 9, 2009
  • Train To Gain Form

    To do a touch-and-go rep, you must lower the barbell in perfect form to set yourself up for the next clean...

    TrainingPavelJuly 24, 2008