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Tony Nowak, RIP

LT and Tony Nowak

As I often say, tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

I got the shocking news moments after arriving home from teaching my three Health lecture classes at East Los Angeles College; Tony Nowak, one of the nicest, and most generous human beings you could ever meet, passed away while on vacationing with his son in Italy. Initial reports list a heart attack as the cause of death.

Attached is a photo that Dave Liberman took of Tony and I moments after the Arnold Classic last month in Columbus, Ohio. During the weekend, I brought Tony to the stage as he presented his signature “Arnold Classic” jackets to all the top finishers in the various events throughout the weekend.

We talked about getting together soon at his El Segundo, CA office, just like we had done the previous years after he insisted on giving me (another) new jacket. Not heeding my own advice, I failed to set up a specific time, assuming we could hook up in the near future. Another example of how today is a blessing, tomorrow is luck. My bad, Tony.

We’ll miss you dearly. To the Nowak family, our sincerest condolances.

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