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Tony Morris

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California

ironmanmagazine.comTony Morris

Age: 36  Weight: 196

Height: 5’10”

Sample workout, chest: Incline dumbbell curls, 1 x 15 (warmup), 4 x 10-12, 8-10, 6-8, 3(3).

Bodypart split: Every week is different, but the one thing that’s the same is the amount of effort I put into each and every set. I start each exercise with a warm up, approximately 70 percent of maximum effort totaling 15 to 20 reps. After that I take every set to absolute muscle failure.

Factoids: I worked with Channing Tatum as a male dancer in Tampa, Florida. Twelve years later I was at the “Magic Mike” premiere with Chan and some of the old group, watching a movie about our lives.


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