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The Seceret of the Physique Generation

As you read Steve Holman’s blog, he alludes to it.

Doug Brignole, in his article, The Best Muscle Building Method I Forgot I Knew espouses it as well!

Somewhere in the late 70’s & early 80’s Arthur Jones was experimenting with very brief, maximum intensity works out for fast muscle growth.

Mike Mentzer was a disciple of this method of training and encouraged many to try it.

In the early 1990’s Dorian Yates blew the doors open to maximum mass in the IFBB.  Dorian changed the game at that point in time.

I remember being back stage at one of Steve Wienbergers and Bev Francis’s shows.  As I stood there with Wayne Demilia and Gregory Hines, Dorian comes back stage in his sweats getting ready to guest pose.  When Dorian took off his sweats everyone’s jaws dropped.  I looked at Wayne and said, “I have never seen anyone like that before”  Wayne, not looking away from Dorian said, “the world has never seen anything like this before.”  It seems everything changed at that point.  Dorian took mass to a different level.

Doug mentions in his article that in the early 1990’s he stopped training the way that made him successful and gradually started training with heavier and heavier weights in the 6 to 10 rep range.  It wasn’t only Doug, many of us started training the “Heavy Duty” way.

Thanks to Steve Holman encouraging me to train differently I am now seeing fantastic changes.  Yes I am gaining muscle at 51 years old but also the aches and pains I have had for several years are going away.  When I spoke to Doug about this style of training, he was on fire.  He had put on over 10 lbs of solid muscle in only a few weeks of training, plus he was staying very lean.

What is this style of training.  Steve Holman calls it 4X training and we are coming out with a product called Old School New Body that will give the complete program.  The basics are: take a weight that you would normally get 15 reps with, but only do 10 reps and then take a 30 second rest.  Do this for 4 sets of an exercise and then go onto your next exercise using the same rep and rest times.


This is how they used to train years ago.  You didn’t see people taking 3 to 5 minute rest between sets.  30 to 45 second rest periods were the norm.  This type of training will stimulate muscle growth and fat loss all with out grinding your joints into dust!  And as we age, we want our joints and ligaments to hold up and not be in pain all the time.

If you have any questions please let me know.  This style of training will work weather you are 18 or 88!  When I owned R&J Health Studio in Brooklyn (The Brooklyn Gym that pumping iron was filed in) I had a ton of older members that were in terrific shape into their 70’s and 80’s and this is exactly how they trained.  So if you want to build an impressive physique with full muscle bellies, low body-fat and be symmetrical, you need to go Old School to get your New Body!

Happy lifting!


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