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The Problem With Plastic

In the July ’08 IRON MAN, my item “Bottled-Water Whoas” discussed the negative impact bottled drinking water is having on our environment—from adding to landfills to the waste created in making the bottles. I also mentioned the health problems that turn up when bottled water is left in the heat, such as a closed car in the summer—chemicals can leach from the plastic into the water—however, it’s not just plastic bottles we need to be aware of.

Many people boil water and pour it into plastic containers to make iced tea. They also heat up food in microwave ovens in plastic containers. When exposed to excessive heat, a lot of the plastics, including polycarbonate drinking bottles, release excessive amounts of bisphenol A, a chemical that mimics estrogen. BPA has been shown to create problems with reproduction and brain development in lab animals.

If it mimics estrogen, guys, it can’t be good for your testosterone and muscle growth. You may want to ditch the plastic drinking bottles and purchase one of the safer metal types now on the market.

—Becky Holman

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