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The Priest Has His Prayers Answered

Lee Priest finally got the news from Jim Manion he’d been waiting for–the former IRON MAN Pro champion, and one of the industry’s most popular competitors, is welcomed back with the IFBB as soon as he completes the paper work to obtain his updated pro card. He’ll be able to compete, guest pose, give seminars, etc when that task is taken care of.
Priest, who was suspended when he competed in the now defunct PDI in September, 2006, got 11 out of 16 votes by the IFBB committee to allow his return. Lee told me two major things of interest: he is moving back to his homeland of Australia at the end of this month, and that he will be competing in the Atlantic City Pro in September, with hopes of qualifying for the Mr. Olympia two weeks later in Las Vegas.
Will Priest, who turns 36 in July, still be at his best when he once again sets foot on an IFBB stage? Will the excessive tatoos that cover half of his face, and nearly all of his back, have an effect in seeing just how well Lee does this time around?
I think Priest will be in tremendous condition in Atlantic City, and can win the 202 and under competition being held at the Expo during the Olympia Weekend. And is good enough to finish in the top eight, physique wise. The tats? Well, that I’m not sure of. As Yogi Avidan would say, this will be interesting.

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