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Tea Cures Acne?

7212-mind6• According to the March ’13 Better Nutrition, green tea can significantly improve acne. That comes from an eight-week trial published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The EGCG in the tea “suppresses acne-promoting bacteria, reduces secretion of sebum (a pimple-promoting oily substance) and calms inflammation.” Now, before you go bobbing for tea bags in a steaming pot of green tea, you should know that the study applied it topically. You can find green tea in facial cleansers, lotions and creams.

• Should you replace your toothbrush after a bout with a cold or the flu to prevent a relapse? No, according to the April ’13 Bottom Line Health. “A toothbrush does not typically carry enough germs to make you sick. Even if a virus from a recent illness is lingering on your toothbrush, you’ve developed antibodies to it, so the chance of reinfection is very small.” On the other hand, if you’ve angered a hotel maid, and she cleans the toilet with your toothbrush while you’re out, all bets are off.

• Another item from Bottom Line Health, in this case the April ’12 issue, highlighted  research linking divorce and health: “A 15-year study found that people who divorce between the ages of 35 and 41 have more health problems than those who divorce later.” Hmm, couldn’t it just be that those who got out earlier were married to such horrible people that their bodies rebelled and became riddled with disease much sooner? Just saying that it depends on the psychopath, er, um, person involved. —Steve Holman


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