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Steven Azarian, Welcome to Our World

alexandstevenThink you had a hectic weekend? Ask Alex Azarian about his. Ask Nga Azarian, too, while you’re at it.

While Nga was home in Southern Cal, expecting to deliver on Monday, the former USA Lightweight champ zipped down to the NPC San Diego Championships to perform his usual duties of signing up competitors to buy CD’s that are normally shot by Nga and Bill Comstock. Paul Robinson did stand in duties for Nga.

“Prejudging finished at around 4 pm, then Paul and I went to get something to eat at a local restaurant,” says Azarian. “I was surprised to get a call from Nga; she told me her water broke and that she was going into labor. I had to race back home and meet her at the hospital (approximately 120 miles). “But, I made it in time, as her labor was 12 hours long. Our son, Steven, was born at 8:04 on Sunday morning.”

The little fella, who weighed in at a cut seven pounds, two ounces (at a height of 20 inches), is doing just fine, as is Nga, according to Alex. And, of course, Alexis, 3, is more excited than both of them, doting over her new baby brother.

Congrats, gang.

On the subject of congrats, kudos to Promoter Jon Lindsay on the huge turnout at the San Diego, with over 130 competitors hitting the Scottish Rite Auditorium stage. When all the posing had been completed, and the judges tallied their score sheets, Rob Pyfer walked off with the Men’s Overall trophy, former Junior Cal champion Diana Feather did likewise in Women’s Bodybuilding, and Jennifer Nixon toppled the field in Figure. History was also made that day as Michelle Gullett became the first even Bikini Overall winner of the division that was just added for the 2009 season.img_7154

Ron (Yogi) Avidan was there, shooting the show for, and Yogi couldn’t stop raving about Novice Overall winner Ronald Sargeant, who also captured the Superheavyweight division.

Yogi, in fact, is predicting the huge Sargeant (can’t tell you his size, because Mr. Avidan has never given me the details about his new hero, despite me asking one time too many) will win it all at the Orange County.

“The San Diego was Sargeant’s first contest ever, “gushed Yogi. “Wait until everyone sees him in top shape at the OC in five weeks.” I’ll be waiting, since the guy really does look like he could do some damage if he comes in about 15 pounds lighter. So, pressure’s on,  Ron and Ron.

This week I emcee my first local NPC event of the new year, trekking down to Vets Auditorium in Culver City to host the Max Muscle Naturals. As of Tuesday afternoon, Jaguar had nearly 100 entries in hand, an all-time high. So, I expect this one to be fun, with a lot of quality competitors.

See ya there.

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