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Dinner with the Rays


Just got home from a wonderful dinner, courtesy of Asia Monet and Bella Blu Ray, at the Yard House in Pasadena. For those of you who attended the IRON MAN PRO and The FitExpo during the  2004-2007 seasons, the eatery is located in the Paseo Colorado Mall, right across the street from the Pasadena Center and Civic Auditorium.

The three-year-old Asia and 11-month old Bella actually had mailed me a gift certificate for my birthday in February, so I decided to return the good deed by spending the cash on the Ray family—if they made the 40-mile drive from Corona to Pasadena (it’s only four miles from my abode). And that they did, Friday traffic and all.

Asia Monet and Kristi

Well, almost the whole family attended; Kristi joined her hubby, Sugar Shawn, and Asia, but Bella was feeling blue, and stayed home under the watchful eye of Grandma. But, Asia Monet was on display, dancing away and winning the hearts of everyone who saw her moves. She was coming off her first victory at a dance recital the day before, and was in a spirited mood. Now I know why Shawn seems so tired all the time. This kid is to high energy what Mickey Rourke is to comebacks.

After I downed my steak dinner, and joined Kristi for a Pina Colada (yeah, I know, I’m a wuss) , Kristi, Asia and I headed for Coldstone Creamery next door, where I joined Asia for some mighty fine tasting ice cream. Since I noted Shawn was still packing 215 pounds or so, I decided he would be better off waiting for us outside.

He said his back was jacked up from his Friday workout. For the 14th time in the past two years, Shawn has started his comeback at the gym, swearing, each and every instance, he would be back in top form in no time. Listen, the guy hated dieting when he competed, think he’ll stay on track for very long this time around?

Thanks for the nice evening, Shawn, Kristi and Asia Monet. But, was it really necessary for me to spend the entire $75 in one shot, Shawn? No reply necessary, I know the answer.

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