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Stars of Yesteryear

I want to thank you for putting out such a fine magazine and ask a couple of favors. I’m 56 years old and got interested in bodybuilding in the ’60s. I was inspired by Harold Poole, Don Howorth, Larry Scott and Dave Draper—which brings me to my first favor: How about a page or two of pictures of those guys in each issue? Why don’t I just look at my old magazines? I sold them all in a bout of depression and have regretted it ever since. One other thing: Please bring back the swimsuit issues. Healthy, fit women in tiny swimsuits is not pornography! Everyone wants to look fit and sexy. What’s wrong with showing it off? The girls actually inspire me more to train than the guys do.

Rex Kunselman
Thornton, CO

Editor’s note: Not a bad idea, Rex. We will try to feature more great shots of the golden-age bodybuilders. By the way, don’t miss the interview with Chet Yorton that begins on page 142. Lots of great photos there. As for the swimsuit issue, we’d like to hear from more of our readers about that—pro and con. Should we bring it back?

Sugar From Sherlyn

I just wanted to write to thank Ruth Silverman for all the coverage she’s given me over the years in Pump & Circumstance. I appreciate the recognition, and her column always makes me smile.

Sherlyn Roy
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Beauty Unbound

I don’t write to magazines often, but after seeing 2010 BodySpace Spokesmodel winner Jaquelyn Roberts in the July ’10 issue, I was compelled. She is one of the most gorgeous, photogenic women I’ve ever seen. Every picture is stunning! All I can say is, good choice, judges!

Sterling Etts
Flint, MI

Awesome Aussie

I had forgotten about John Terilli until I opened the [July ’10] issue. He was truly one of the great bodybuilders—and still is great at 50 years old. He’s living proof that weight training is the fountain of youth. I also noticed that his workouts aren’t as intimidating as some from that era, and he sounds like a down-to-earth guy. Thanks for an inspiring interview [by Lonnie Teper] and motivating pictures.

Bill Clarke
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Bigger Arms in One Week

I had to write to let you know how stoked I am with The X-centric Mass Workout program. I gained a full half inch on my arms after only one week on the direct/indirect workout [in that e-book]. It really works! I can’t wait to see how I look after a month or two using it. Thank you so much for making it happen!

David Allan
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Editor’s note: The X-centric Mass Workout is available at

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