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Solving the Mystery of Building Muscle and Losing Fat


If you look in the mirror and want to improve what you see…. this blog is written for you. Thank you for tuning in. This blog is yours, not mine. People all over the internet have been asking me to write about my incredible journey through the world of fitness, bodybuilding and motivation. The purpose of this blog is to help you sift through the maze of useful training and nutritional information and what is pure utter bunk out on ‘the street’.

Success leaves a goldmine of evidence and forges a path for others!

It’ll be a reinvention of tried and true ‘forgotten’ principles as well as a productive ‘spin’ on new techniques that I learned from highly recognizable role models and other very knowledgeable and successful experts. Assuming you want… no wait, you crave a better physique… more muscle… increased strength… less fat… better athletic performance and more confidence––keep your eyes super-glued right here––this blog will help get what you want.

How? Because you’re going to benefit from the knowledge I’ve learned from role models and heroes who took the time to offer me (and now you) their experience and knowledge. Many of these people are legends in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. My journey started from humble beginnings… as a freshman in high school, I was the last kid to be picked on any team. I was smaller than everyone, didn’t move as fast and wasn’t very strong. Worse yet, my parents and sibling were grossly overweight. I was a skinny kid who also had the genetics to become overweight. I didn’t have good role models for building an ideal physique or athletics. That would soon change.

Instinctively, I knew right from the start that if I was going to get anywhere, I needed to study from the best. That started a journey of one door after another opening for me. When I learned the principle of role modeling from motivational speaker Anthony Robbins (I staffed his seminars for 7 years), I realized I had practiced role modeling most of my life. I’ve had the opportunity to train with and oversee the training of 5 Professional and 1 National-level bodybuilder, witness the training of about 2 dozen more, develop the training for a well-known actor/martial artist, train with law enforcement personnel and interview over 4 dozen additional champions. Now their wisdom will be offered to you with no holding back, no secrets held close.

The results for me have been amazing… that’s what I wish for you. Stay tuned and subscribe to my RSS feed right now.


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