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Smashing the Pain Barrier for Gains in Mass

To get maximum muscle growth, you’re going to have to spend some time in the pain zone. Deal with it. What do I mean? The pain zone is where the elite live. You’re going to have to develop a tolerance… no wait… develop a love of pain. Understand that I’m not talking about the pain that comes from injury and re-injury. I’m talking about the ache and burn that comes when you push it to the edge. Just as you’re developing the ability to handle more weight, you’re also developing the ability to tolerate more pain. Pain comes as you push yourself through the fatigue and the burn. Pain is the price if you want to build serious muscle

Pain can become a welcome friend. It’s the sign that growth is about to occur. Go deaf to the media and the commercials that tell us to avoid pain or take a pill to avoid it. Success in any endeavor takes sacrifice, discipline and pain. The idea is that you can psychologically alter the perception of pain as something to tolerate, even strive for.

As time charges forward, you can even associate pleasure… even euphoria to pain verses a phobia toward it. That’s exactly the point where success comes and you’re rewarded with increases in muscle mass and strength. What follows is the pleasure one experiences from achieving a goal!

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