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Setting goals with a focus on attitude

Every year many people go through the ritual of re-defining what it is that they want from their bodies and setting goals for this is a common place. Here are my suggestions to making this more than a just a ritual but apart of your year’s success process.


First, make sure you are very specific about what you want. What this means is define exactly what you want in concrete terms. You should know what you want so that you not only know when you get there but also so that you can more easily design a path to accomplish it. If you want to gain muscle this year then you should know exactly how many pounds and what you are going to do each day and week and month in order to acquire this goal.


You should also have a planned date in the year when you expect to accomplish each goal and you should be specific about this date also. If you don’t know how long you have to get there then you really have few ways to know what kind of pace you need to set for yourself. This also increases your focus when you know exactly what you want and when you want to achieve it.


Make sure that you have some way of measuring your success throughout the year. If you don’t have a clear way to understand how well you are doing then it is likely that you will give up sooner. If you can measure your success or failure each day, week and month then you will more likely to fix any problems and address any challenges along the way. Also, knowing where you are in your process can be an incredible way to get a sense of accomplishment as you plug along the path to your end goals. It is always important to recognize what you are doing right, and not just beat yourself up when you feel you are doing poorly. You will thrive more off recognizing your successes, which can create momentum in your year’s journey, than focusing on just where your challenges are.


The people who accomplish more goals consistently than others share one big thing in common…positive attitude. When I say positive attitude it means more than just thinking warm fuzzy thoughts or saying only things that seem to highlight where you want to be. For me positive attitude can mean some of this, but more importantly it is a way in which you approach your day. It encompasses your overall world outlook and often controls your responses to challenges and helps guide your intentions. Attitude is the sugar in your Cool aid! Without it victories can seem disappointing and short lived.

Pointing your attitude toward the positive also means focusing your attention, thoughts and actions on what produces the good feelings that we all want more of each day. Your attitude will be the single most important attribute and will influence your success more than anything else in your life. Your attitude will define your life, open or close opportunities to you, and give you a sense of fulfillment in your life of fill you with a sense of despair about your existence. Ask any great diplomat, negotiator, CEO, world leader, or athlete and they will all tell you that you must have the right attitude to achieve success in anything.


I really see this as a point of a positive attitude but being able to not give up and stick through the challenges and hardships as  you travel the path of your goals is also a requirement. As a matter of fact, if you can’t look disappointment and failure in the face and keep on going then you might as well not try to accomplish anything great in the first place. Challenges and obstacles are inevitable in everyone’s year goal procurement. If our goals and desires weren’t significantly challenging then everyone would have the body they want and the success in their lives they want but the fact is that most don’t. So recognizing that there will be challenges along the way and possibly more failure than you expected should be on the table from the start. It is O.K. to acknowledge that you won’t always reach your goals when and how you expected to. This is a part of the goal achievement  process. The point is that you don’t give up or give in when you are knocked down.

I see so many people every year who try to achieve their body goals and falter so quickly and the second they are knocked down they seem to refuse to get up and continue to try. It is as if they have hit a wall and somehow know that it is un-scalable. Don’t see these intermittent challenges as obstacles, instead see them as opportunities to learn how to be better at whatever you are after. Remember, you are in control of your actions and you will be the one who decides to give in, give up or keep on going. I don’t know how many times I have talked to successful people about how they have accomplished the things that I wanted to emulate and the first and most important part of each of their stories are what they learned through the obstacles they had to over come. And it is often these challenges and failures along their path of success that defines their journey and gives them a heightened sense of elation and fulfillment when they finally reach their goals.

What an incredible honor we all get to be able to choose our life’s paths. We don’t often get to choose how victory comes to us, nor do we often get to set the timelines but we decide everyday to be on the path. As long as you are on the path and have the right attitude that points you forward you will get there eventually. And I know that a life focused on these kinds of principles will be one that is filled with tremendous value and lessons.

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