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Secret of Success

I definitely believe that there is something special that separates the excellent from the adequate not only in bodybuilding but in all other sports and endeavors as well. That same ingredient” is also what creates major success in the business world, academic arena, all professions and just in life in general!

What is it? This amazing quality is pretty simple, and all boils down to one word: faith.

No, I’m not referring to faith in a religious sense but as it pertains to the absolute, unbreakable belief in yourself and all that you are doing in order to reach your goals. If you look at the most successful people in this world, from Michael Jordan, to Donald Trump, to Muhammad Ali, to Ronnie Coleman, you will find that they had unwavering confidence in themselves and their ability to be the best. Successful people always believe they will come out on top and leave the word doubt completely out of their vocabulary. In fact, faith in yourself is actually so powerful, it can overcome flaws that may exist in your overall plan—or even your genetics.

So whether the best scientific approach to training is higher volume/lower intensity or lower volume/higher intensity, it’s your faith in the system that you use that will most accurately dictate the results! Believe me!

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