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Roland Balik’s “Lensworthy and Pixelicious” Awards

Covering pro and amateur bodybuilding, figure and fitness contests over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that sometimes the crowd favorite doesn’t place or win as expected. Possibly because they are the hometown and/or crowd favorite, they have a little more sparkle in their performance. On the other hand, the competitor who is the best on that day and wins normally pumps out the best routine. With this being said, sometimes the winners don’t produce the best photos or there isn’t that sparkle, “stage presence” as Ruth Silverman puts it.

I’ve decided to create an award for bodybuilders, figure and fitness competitors who I feel gave a great photographic performance. I have decided divide them into two awards; the “Lensworthy” award for men and the “Pixelicious” award for women. My “Lensworthy” and “Pixelicious” awards are bestowed upon the competitors who gave a great performance, had excellent eye-to-lens contact, allowed me to capture some great images and were physically competitive. Those being chosen as “Pixelicious” also have characteristics such as sexy, sultry, visually appealing and basically classified as being “hot.” Do I need to say more?

If I had established the criteria for the Lensworthy and Pixelicious awards prior to the three New York City shows on May 10th, the following competitors would have received the following:

Lensworthy: David Henry and Kai Greene

Pixelicious: Cathy LeFrancois and Tina Chandler

My Lensworthy and Pixelicious awards for the 2008 Junior National Championships in Chicago on June 20th and 21st go to:

Lensworthy: Alan Watari, 1st Place Bantamweight; Sean Allan, 1st Place Super Heavyweight and Men’s Overall Winner; and Kenneth Jackson, 1st Place Light Heavyweight.

Pixelicious: Amber Defrancesco, 1st Place Women’s Heavyweight and Women’s Overall Winner; Justine Dohring, 1st Place Women’s Light Heavyweight; Stephanie Irick, 1st Place Fitness; Jacqueline Skibba, 7th Place Figure C; and Terri Turner, 1st Place Figure D.

Congratulations to all! My next Lensworthy and Pixelicious awards will be given out at the Europa, Team Universe, Atlantic City, Olympia, and Nationals.

To view all contest images and videos, go to the contest page.

On a final note, all competitors are lensworthy and pixelicious. Are you lensworthy or pixelicious? See you at the next show!

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