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Rising Star: Jamie Foster

Rising Star: Jamie Foster

Age: 39

Height: 5’9”

Weight:  130 pounds (contest), 138 to 140 pounds (off-season)

Current Residence: Sacramento, CA

Occupation: Fire Captain

Contest Highlights: 2015 PNBA World Cup Champion; 1st place, 2013 NPC Tahoe; 1st place, 2015 Muscle Evolution

Marital Status: Single, but happily off the market

Best Bodypart: Calves

Bodypart Most Complimented: Abs



PQ: “When we’re at a fire wearing 70 pounds of gear with our masks on, you don’t know who it is. We are all firefighters.”



Mike Carlson: Is it hard being a female in a male-dominated field?

Jamie Foster: It doesn’t bother me. I’ve never had an issue with being a female in the fire service. When we’re at a fire wearing 70 pounds of gear with our masks on, you don’t know who it is. We are all firefighters. You just need to do your job, and do your job well.


MC: Are there many other women in your department?

JF: We have 15 women in the department now. When I was hired there were only five of us. The women that have been hired are beasts. They are very dedicated and driven and very physically fit. I think we all inspire each other to be better.


MC: How do you tailor your workouts to your career?

JF: My split is based solely on knowing that I might have to work 48 straight hours. Day one at the station will be light HIIT training and abs. Day two is chest and arms, which is all I can do with the equipment we have in the station gym. Everything else I do at home.


MC: Is there anything you do in training that helps your physique?

JF: We like to put our gear on, along with our “bottle” [air tank], and climb the aerial ladder. So we climb 100 feet at a 70-degree angle with 70 pounds of gear on. It’s a fantastic leg and glute workout.


MC: Is it hard to diet for a show when you have to be prepared for any emergency?

JF: It’s challenging. I have my meals organized in a Six Pack Bag I keep in the rig. I keep extra sweet potatoes, some turkey, and a jar of peanut butter handy. If we have a structure fire, I can be working for six hours, lifting ladders and pulling ceilings. It’s a huge calorie burner. I’ll give myself an extra meal on a day like that. Fitness and competing is a passion, but it’s a hobby. Taking care of my body and making sure I don’t put my crew in jeopardy is number one.


MC: Was there a time when your extreme fitness level saved lives?

JF: I’m also a paramedic. We responded to a medical call and there was this 6’5”, 350-pound guy hopped up on meth. We had to hold this guy down long enough for me to give him a sedative before he hurt anybody. We also do wildland firefighting. You have to carry 200 to 400 feet of hose up and down 15 percent grades. And you have to haul ass to put these fires out because it can be so windy.


MC: How did an adrenaline junkie end up in a sport that rewards strict routine?

JF: The end result is all adrenaline. It’s a huge rush when you’re onstage. And each competition is different. I’m always a work in progress. My body is changing, the game is changing, fitness is changing. There is never a dull moment. IM




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