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Reversal of Fortunes

What a happy result at the ’08 Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure last weekend, where Brenda Marie Smith, who hadn’t seen a judging panel’s smile since she took third at this show last year, nabbed her first pro win with a perfect score.  Not only that, but the other top-three placers—Teresa Anthony and Patricia Mello—also gave up-from-the-basement performances to earn their Olympia invites for 2009. And some of the ladies who were expected to do really well ended up so far down the list, it’s almost as if they exchanged places with the three mentioned above.

What’s up with that, you query? We haven’t seen so many elevator-ride contest histories since, well, ever, have we? Smith, after her debut at the ’07 Kentucky, came in dead last at the ’08 Figure International in February and remained at the bottom of the rankings at the Pittsburgh Pro in May and the Olympia in late September. Anthony, like Brenda, had quick success right out of the blocks in the pros, getting third in Pittsburgh, but dropped to 16th at the O. Mello, a former Brazilian champ, had seen no success yet, just a string of summer scores that suggested she was still paying her dues: 19th at the Houston Pro, 18th in Jacksonville and 20th at the Europa Supershow. (She competed in Sacramento a week before the Kentucky event but didn’t finish; however, nothing in her callouts there suggested that it would have been a breakout show for her.)

As for the less-than-expected showings: How about JulieAnn Kulla 16th, Desha Rodriguez in 14th and Michelle Flake, winner of this show and the Sac last year, having to settle for fourth and fifth, respectively, this time.

As a fan of Smith’s and Anthony’s physiques, I’m inclined to think it’s just another sign of the depth of talent swimming in IFBB pro waters. Every so often someone else shoots up to the surface. I’m delighted to see that it was those two this time.

Regarding the three other excellent competitors mentioned above, the 2009 season has barely begun. Switching back to my elevator metaphor, there’s plenty of time for JulieAnn, Desha and Michelle F., to hit the button on the wall and catch the next car going up.


Brenda Marie Smith at the ’08 Olympia.

’08 Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure

1) Brenda Marie Smith*

2) Teresa Anthony*

3) Patricia Mello*

4) Michelle Flake
5) Darlina Brown
6) Amy Peters
7) Laura Sutter
8) Liane Siewald
9) Elizabeth White-Lamm
10) Christine Wan
11) Claire Parmley
12) Chaundra Tangi
13) Heather Green
14) Desha Rodriguez
15) Liza Hughes
16) Julie Ann Kula
17) Tivisay Briceno
17) Andrea Carvalho-Ferreira
17) Nadya Castellas
17) Becky Clawson
17) Michelle Craven
17) Maiken Emborg
17) Georgina Lona
17. Christina Mehling
17) Melissa Montanaro-Griffin
17) Mandy Polk
17) Jessica Wright

*Qualified for the ’09 Figure Olympia

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