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Reducing the Bad Effects of Pasta


Most of us love a plate of carbohydrate-loaded pasta, but the noodles and sauce can make you feel hungry again quickly, since they’re quickly absorbed as simple sugars. Blood glucose is increased and then rapidly falls after insulin kicks in. What if you can change all that by cooling down the pasta before you eat it? Dr. Denise Robertson, a senior nutrition scientist at the University of Surrey in England, believes that if you cook and cool down a pasta before you eat it, the body will begin to treat it more like a fiber than a starch. It does that by creating a smaller sugar rise and feeding the good gut bacteria. Eating cold pasta will also lead to less absorption of calories.

Here’s something even more exciting! According to an experiment on the BBC show, “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor,” Dr. Chris van Tulleken and Robertson revealed that eating cold pasta did lead to a smaller spike in blood glucose and insulin than eating freshly cooked pasta. To the researchers’ surprise, however, cooking, cooling and then reheating the pasta had a significant effect on blood glucose—it reduced the rise in blood sugar levels by 50 percent. “This means less insulin, less blood glucose, less hunger and more fiber.”

I’m in!

Ninette Terhart

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