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Arnold Extravaganza

I just had to write to tell you that your Arnold issue was spectacular [August 2009]! Caruso’s shots are pure art and are suitable for framing. I now have every one of those photos pinned up in my home gym—yes, I bought three copies, two for cutting up and one to keep intact for posterity. Thanks for a great issue and thanks to Jimmy Caruso for being there to capture Arnold in his prime.

Jerry Sloan
Newark, NJ

Mutant Muscle

I truly admire Greg Plitt’s physique, as it has an attainable look that’s motivating. I was anxious to read his interview [in the July ’09 issue] to get the inside scoop on how how he built it. But what he said floored me. The man must be some kind of mutant—eats only one big meal a day, does 32 sets per bodypart, runs almost every night at midnight and wakes up at 5:30 every morning. When he takes a day off, he goes rappelling on cliffs in the Santa Monica Mountains. I don’t understand how this guy holds onto all that muscle.

Mark Bradford
via Internet

Editor’s note: We were floored by his regimen too. Although he does use Met-Rx supplements during the day, the mutant thing is looking more and more probable.

Obsession: A Different Take

I’ve been reading Skip La Cour’s “Confessions of a Recovering Bodybuilder” with great interest. He makes a lot of relevant points about how obsessive some bodybuilders can be and the psychological ramifications that can result, such as social ineptitude and a solitary existence. But my feeling is that that’s the price you pay for becoming a champion. Now, after achieving that, La Cour is moving to the next level in his life—motivational speaking and life coach. He might not have achieved that without first sacrificing to become a champion bodybuilder. The first led to the second and made him who he is. There are negatives associated with becoming a champion in any sport, be it tennis, gymnastics or whatever. It’s a sacrifice you make. Then, when your time is over, you move on to your next life goal.

Calvin Lucas
via Internet

Bigger Arms With 10×10

Let me start by saying that I’m just getting back into bodybuilding after about six years off. I was really intrigued by the 10×10 workout, so I decided to give it a try. That is by far the best pump I have felt since I started training again in January. I’ve gained almost a half inch on my arms, and this is by far the most effective routine I’ve ever used. I will continue to use it for a couple of weeks more before I switch it up some, but I’ll be going right back to it.

Jeremy Chapman
via Internet

Editor’s note: For more on the 10×10 method, get a copy of The Ultimate 10×10 Mass Workout e-program, available at

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Readers Write

Femme Physiques, Body Work, Better Living Through Lifting, Size Surge Results

Femme Physiques
I want to thank Ruth Silverman for her writeup about me in the November ’02 Pump & Circumstance. I also want to thank IRONMAN magazine for giving exposure and publicity to female bodybuilders instead of pretending we don’t exist. Women bodybuilders won’t be going away’we’ll just get better and stronger the more they push us aside. IRONMAN seems to be the last magazine that’s still supporting the women. On behalf of all the other competitors, let me say that we’re grateful.
Mah-Ann Mendoza via Internet

Editor’s note: Whew! We thought you were going to bring up the negative article by The Sandwich in that issue. Of course, Bill Dobbins set him straight’we think.

Body Work
After years of restoring old cars into high-performance vehicles, I decided to restore a 1952 Madson’me. Now I have the experience of a 50-year-old, the body of a 25-year-old and the imagination of an 18-year-old. It actually took less time and money to restore myself than it did to restore the chopped 1950 Mercury lead sled in the photo.
Mark Madson
Clinton, WI

Editor’s note: For more on Mark visit his Web site:

Better Living Through Lifting
I’m a long-term prisoner in Texas, having been incarcerated for 23 years. I came down in 1979 for robbing drugstores with an empty gun. Not to minimize my crime, but no one was actually hurt, except for my scaring the bejeezus out of a few folks by coming into their drugstore with a gun. They didn’t know the gun wasn’t loaded’the gun wasn’t but I was. Before my drug addiction I’d been an athlete, and I had the proper mind-set and discipline to work out. I’m now 55, weigh 220 pounds, and I’m healthy and fit again. I train based on the theories and information that are validated in IRONMAN. I wanted you to know I sincerely appreciate the magazine. I get a great deal of information and inspiration from it. I’m currently waiting on an answer from the parole board on my bid for release, and everything looks good. Enclosed is my check for a two-year subscription, so please send me Train, Eat, Grow: The Positions-of-Flexion Muscle-Training Manual.
Michael E. Schneider
Rosharon, TX

Editor’s note: We hope you get out soon and can once again scare people with guns’the ones hanging out of your shirtsleeves.

Size Surge Results
These photos represent 10 weeks of hard work and dedication. I couldn’t have done it without 10-Week Size Surge. I’ve been a hardgainer all my life, read every bodybuilding magazine I could get my hands on and tried every workout, but the results were always the same’minimal. Size Surge was made for the hardgainer, and I just wanted to say think you for creating a program that the average person can benefit from.

Brian Hill via Internet Editor’s note: For more on POF and Size Surge see page 95 of the July ’02 IRONMAN. IM

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