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I’ve been reading Iron Man ever since Steve Reeves graced the cover in 1947 [Vol. 7, No. 5]. I’m sure that the late Peary Rader is looking down with pride from heaven at your IRON MAN because it’s still the best magazine being published that promotes natural bodybuilding. I have one question concerning the December 2009 issue: Why grace the cover with only a photo of a woman? I like looking at fit women as well as the next man, and Jennifer Nicole Lee fits that criterion. However, the name of your magazine is IRON MAN and not IRON WOMAN. Therefore, if the main photo on the cover is of a fit woman, why not also place a small photo of a man on the cover? For example, that issue’s cover could have had a small photo of either Sergio Oliva Jr. or Anthony Pomponio.

Grover Porter
via Internet

Editor’s note: Look at that cover again and Ms. Lee’s riveting physique. Would anyone even notice a small inset photo of a male bodybuilder? We think not.

Cover Gal

I am just speechless—and that never happens!—over my December ’09 IRON MAN cover and feature interview! I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism—you have amazing people there on your IM team! Especially Lonnie Teper, who interviewed me and wrote a fabulous article. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your incredible publication, the longest-running fitness magazine. Also thanks to the video team who edited the footage and produced such a creative concept with the “magazine coming to life” idea. Thank you!

Jennifer Nicole Lee
via Internet

Editor’s note: See Jennifer Nicole Lee’s IRON MAN video HERE

Kid Kong

Lonnie Teper’s interview with [21-year-old] Anthony Pomponio [“Kid Kong,” December ’09] was excellent. I showed it to my son, who is 18, and he was very motivated by the photos and workout. Thank you for the diversity of information. My wife enjoyed the Jennifer Nicole Lee story as well.

Ben Stephens
Phoenix, AZ

Die-Hard Diet

I got very excited when I began reading “The Anabolic Fat-Blasting Diet” [by Mark McManus, December ’09]. It sounded fantastic—build muscle, burn fat, optimize hormones. Then I got to the part about 30 grams of carbs a day. Is that even healthy? I know that there’s no way I could stick with a regimen like that. How about a practical diet?

Carl Mendoza
San Diego, CA

Editor’s note: Well, the diet does allow a big carb-up on the weekends. McManus also says that you need to find the weekday carb level that’s best for you. The diet is really a version of Vince Gironda’s low-carb fat-loss cycling program—low carbs for three to four days, then one day of higher carbs. It can work, but it’s not for everyone.

In Hand and Online

I enjoy reading IRON MAN every month. I’ve always been a fan of the muscle publications, but IRON MAN has always been my favorite. I also enjoy going on the computer and reading the articles on the Web site. I always find lots of interesting articles and spend way too much time browsing there. I just started subscribing to the e-zine, and it’s great! Please continue reprinting the older ones at your Web site. I missed all of those. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for being such a complete workout resource.

Jim Denham
via Internet

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