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Muscle Beach Memories

Like IRON MAN publisher John Balik, I was mesmerized by the photos and stories from Muscle Beach in my youth. Unfortunately, I never made it out to Southern California during that golden age, which is why I am so happy to see IRON MAN pay homage to that special time and place. Balik’s editorials on the men and women who made it what it was are priceless. In his last Publisher’s Lettter [“Founding Fathers of Fitness,” September ’09] I was very excited to learn that IRON MAN is part of a documentary in the making on that magical place. With passionate men like Balik behind it, I’m sure it will show the true historical significance of Muscle Beach and those who made it so magical.

Sal McGilvery
Trenton, NJ

Natural Anabolics

I got Jerry Brainum’s e-book [Natural Anabolics] and was blown away by the research he put into it. I was impressed because Mr. Brainum explained everything in terms I could understand. His “applications and recommendations” section at the end of each chapter helped me organize all that I’d read and actually use the information he presented. My hat is off to him, and I’ve been following his Natural Anabolics Supplement Schedule [listed with supplements and times for each] for a few weeks now and have made great strides in size and strength. Thank you, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Seth McClaine
via Internet

Editor’s note: For more on Jerry Brainum’s Natural Anabolics—Nutrients, Supplements and Compounds That Can Accelerate Muscle Growth Without Drugs, visit

Heat Shock Supplements?

Jerry Brainum’s feature on heat shock proteins [“Shocking Muscle Growth,” September ’09] was interesting and explained the nuts and bolts of HSPs, but I’m wondering if all the new heat shock protein–activating supplements work. Are there ingredients I should look for that would make them increase HSPs, or is it more of a drug-induced state that I really can’t control, being drug free?

Gerald Simpson
via Internet

Editor’s note: Jerry did mention a number of natural substances that can increase HSPs, like caffeine; however, he’s digging deeper. He will have an interview with a top heat shock protein researcher next month.

Fast Workouts, Big Results

[Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson] have been fantastic training coaches. I started at the beginning of this year with their first e-book, The Ultimate Mass Workout, and now I’m finally getting those “You look great!” comments consistently. I haven’t lost much weight; instead, I have lost inches from my waist and added inches to my chest, arms and legs! I find the program I’m using to be the ultimate addition to my martial arts training: I train two to four hours a week in karate, so I don’t have the time or the energy to spend hours at the gym. The Basic Ultimate Mass Workout programs—done in 45 minutes—are life savers. My son, 16, has also had great success with those [X-Rep] programs. Thank you.

Andre Vachon
via Internet

Editor’s note: For more on X Reps and The Ultimate Mass Workout e-book, visit

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