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Pullover Positioning

7208-train3I’ve mentioned that pullovers are classified in Positions of Flexion as a stretch-position exercise for lats; however, they also have a distinct sweeping effect on the triceps. In fact, I often do them on triceps day—because my tri’s don’t look the same without them.

So where do they fall in POF protocol—midrange, stretch or contracted? I suppose they would best be classified as a stretch-position move, although the arm action actually goes from stretch to the midrange position.

Still, if your tri’s are not a slow-responding muscle group, you can use pullovers as your sole stretch-position exercise. For example: close-grip bench presses for midrange work, dumbbell pullovers for stretch and pushdowns for contracted.

If you don’t have enough triceps sweep due to long-head stubbornness, try a superset for the stretch position. Do seated overhead extensions while sitting on the end of a bench, and then lie back on the bench and do dumbbell pullovers. You can use one dumbbell or two. It’s an excellent combo to grow more sweeping triceps.

—Steve Holman


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