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Eric Broser’s Power Rep Range Shock Max Mass Training System DVD is a multi-faceted mass training system designed to activate all your body’s growth mechanisms. The tri-phase cyclical workout design stimulates a unique anabolic pathway each week to supercharge muscle growth while avoiding unnecessary plateaus. You will feel the effects of Power/RepRange/Shock almost immediately and be amazed at how quickly you get bigger and stronger, completely transforming your physique. Based on the science of muscular hypertrophy, Power/RepRange/Shock is, without a doubt, the ultimate GET-BIG training system!

Eric Broser has been involved in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. He is an NGA natural pro bodybuilder and judge, a trainer and coach an a monthly columnist for IRON MAN and Muscular Development magazines. His training methods have worked for hundreds of trainees and transformed him from a 125-pound stick-figure to a 250 pound muscular bodybuilder without the aid of drugs.

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