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Protein-powered ice cream

Motivation lacking lately? Solve your gym slump with some ice cream. Protein powder has been the leader in the pre- and postworkout meal plan, and I’ve put a new spin it. Why drink it with a straw when you can eat it with a spoon? The thought of getting to enjoy chocolate protein ice cream after a hard workout is all the motivation I need to get in the gym. It’s low carb, low sugar and loaded with protein, which makes this new postworkout meal a crowd pleaser and muscle increaser. Get creative with your protein powders and find a flavor that fits your taste.

Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

1 tub sugar-free Cool Whip

2 packages Dymatize ISO-100 chocolate flavor protein powder

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tablespoon chocolate almond milk

1 tablespoon zero-calorie, sugar-free chocolate syrup

1/2 cup sliced strawberries

Combine almond milk, protein, Cool Whip and cocoa. Mix in a freezer-safe bowl. Place the mixture in the freezer and let it set for four hours. Top with chocolate syrup and strawberries. Serves two.

Each eight-ounce serving: calories, 350; fat, 5 grams; carbs, 30 grams; protein,  26 grams —Taylor Matheny


Editor’s note: Taylor Matheny is a Los Angeles–based fitness trainer and chef. She studied sports nutrition while learning culinary techniques and is certified in personal training and sports nutrition. Finding herself in the bodybuilding industry—she’s also an NPC bikini competitor—she honed her cooking skills on contest diets. Currently, she works as a personal chef in Los Angeles and is a spokesmodel for Myogenix.


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