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Isn’t it funny how progress can be addicting? Like once you see changes, you want to see more. We’ll for me it’s like that. And it’s funny how the simplest things can make the biggest changes. For example, I started meal prepping again, and have already seen the changes start to occur. So I tend to get in this mindset where more change is better. But that can be so dangerous.

Sometimes I get so focused on the changes and seeing progress, that I lose sight of other things. I know that I need balance in my life, but sometimes when one thing gets going, it’s hard to stop and make sure everything else is also rolling. Anyone else have that issue?



So there’s my first progress pic. And between writing for here, writing other articles, and processing data for my study, I’m not even sure how I get things done. But I do know that I have started to lift again. Nothing exciting. But I started getting back in the gym a little. And thank God for muscle memory! It’s has been a lifesaver, although my muscles are sore from the lightest of weights. Not even half the weight of what I used to lift and my poor hammies are not happy! But it’s growing pains. I’m getting back to it. I’m starting to get that feeling again that I used to have when in the gym. I love it. And I know that things are going to be different this time around (at least I hope!).



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