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Pressing Issues

Great [August] issue, and great article by Bill Starr [“In Defense of the Overhead Press”]. Although my goals are not as a dedicated strength athlete, I always enjoy Bill’s articles because most have relevance for my training. He’s right on target with his comments about the overhead press. In addition to everything he mentioned, it’s great for the triceps and upper-pec/delt tie-in. Also glad to hear that my long-held suspicions about the Colorado Experiment have been confirmed.

Bill Stinson
Jacksonville, FL

Editor’s note: Starr made some excellent points about the overhead press, and we tend to believe it’s a function of the shoulder, so the movement should be trained—perhaps not with heavy triples, but later in the delt routine with eight to 12 repetitions. As for the Colorado Experment, no matter what happened, gaining 60-plus pounds of muscle in four weeks is an incredible, near-miraculous achievement that has never been duplicated.

Bodybuilding Stamp

I’m proposing that the U.S. Postal Service issue a postage stamp honoring bodybuilding by issuing one with the image of America’s greatest natural bodybuilder, Steve Reeves. I encourage all loyal bodybuilders to send a letter supporting the issuance of the proposed postage stamp to Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, c/o Stamp Development, U.S. Postal Service, 1735 North Lynn St., Suite 5013, Arlington, VA 22209-6432. You can get detailed information about the postage stamp selection process at

Grover L. Porter, Ph.D.
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Gripper Greatness

I purchased the SuperGripper so that my grip on the barbell wouldn’t give out while I was doing old-school Jefferson lifts. As a bonus effect from using the SuperGripper I can now support my entire body off the ground on just my thumb and fingertips. Thank you!

Dennis Leong
Columbia, MO

Editor’s note: The SuperGripper is available at

The Professor of Muscle

The interview with Bob Gallucci [“The Professor of Muscle” by David Young, August ’10, ] was spectacular. His decision not to use drugs throughout his career is to be applauded and probably one of the big reasons he still looks amazing at 59 years old. The photos of his competitive days showed a physique that reminded me of Arnold’s.

Damon Stark
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Gains Keep Coming

I own six of the e-books, and they’ve helped me add more muscle than anything I’ve ever tried. I was stuck at a bodyweight of 190 pounds for years, and now I’ve finally broken though the 200-pound barrier, arms taping at 18 inches. That’s with abs too. I am very pleased. The latest [X-centric Mass Workout] is what put my arms over the 18-inch mark. Thank you very, very much!

Bill Sandoval
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Editor’s note: The X-centric Mass Workout is available at

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