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Prejudging at the IFBB Masters World Championships

What a long day!  The afternoon session started up at 3pm.  I went over to the venue about 2:30 because they had the lunch over there and I wanted to eat a little bit.  We didn’t go on until about 7pm.  There were 14 guys in my class.  I was the only one that was called for every call out except the last call out.  Flex Lewis and Rich Gaspari are here and they said I have the class hands down.

They just posted the top 6 and I’m on there!  It all gets rejudged tomorrow….

Well, I’m gonna go up stairs and figure out what I’m gonna do with my tan.

My British friend Sean didn’t make the top 15 in his class, which was  very surprising to me because I thought he looked fantastic,  My Canadian buddy John was in my class.  He didn’t make the top 6.  There was a really thick Egyptian who was trying to psych me out in the pump up room.  I would be posing in front of the mirror and he kept getting directly in front of me and would start posing or lifting.  On stage he kept doing poses when we were supposed to be standing in the symmetry stance on stage.  I’m so pleased that that jackass didn’t make the finals!!!!  Is that wrong for me to say????

I might be back down to post some photos a little later.  Stay tuned!

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