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Pittsburgh Pro 2: Yeshaira Notches Another One

PPro13_10082WbWhen you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll, and ’13 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini champ Yeshaira Robles has been coming up sevens since she hit the professional ranks after qualifying at the NPC Team Universe in 2011. Having notched wins at the Valenti Gold Cup and Fort Lauderdale shows in 2012, the latter of which qualified her for this year’s Bikini Olympia, she already had the judges’ attention. She managed to keep it, for all she was not at her absolute best and despite the determined efforts of 25 of the IFBB’s finest veterans and newbies, who flocked to the ’Burgh to get onstage at Jim Manion‘s annual big body show.

It was unanimous scores all around for Ashley Kaltwasser, in second; Stacy Alexander, third; Lacey Deluca, fourth; and Polianna Moss, rounding out the top five. Also getting this reporter’s attention: Aly Veneno, who took sixth here, unanimously, but will undoubtedly be moving up as the season moves on.

DeLuca is currently ahead in the Olympia points derby, with Kaltwasser, along with a couple of others, only a couple of digits behind her.

The next few weeks hold plenty of potential for changing those dynamics. The Powerhouse Classic is coming up in Detroit this weekend, May 10 and 11, followed by the New York Pro on May 25 and the Toronto Super Show on May 31 and June 1.

Photo (from left): Ashley Kaltwasser, Yeshaira Robles and Stacey Alexander.

Here are the complete results:

’13 Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Championship

1) Yeshaira Robles
2) Ashley Kaltwasser
3) Stacey Alexander
4) Lacey DeLuca
5) Pollianna Moss
6) Aly Veneno
7) Nicole Witbeck
8) Ashley LeBlanc
9) Yarelis Gonzalez
10) Gigi Amurao
11) Natalie Pennington
12) Vladimira Krasova
13) Jennifer Elliott
14) Anna Starodubtseva
15) Melissa Sayles
15) Natalie Abrhiem
17) Maria Annunziata
18) Becky Clawson
18) Cassandra Dubois
18) Heather Gonyea
18) Jessica Renee
18) Kelsie Burgin
18) Lynn Sambuco
18) Michon Leddy
18) Rachelle Dejean

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