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Peggy Vreeland

Everyone knows her as Peggy Vee, but her name is really Peggy Vreeland. More than 15 years ago Peggy was competing in fitness and bodybuilding, even winning the Ms. Fitness Michigan title in 1998. Being a mom sidetracked the 44-year-old until a few years ago. Now she’s back and with more enthusiasm than ever.

At her home base in St. Paul, Minnesota, she’s rebuilt her great physique by lifting and eating right. Check out her BodySpace profile at to get a peek at the hot videos from her photo shoots, modeling and posing. She was on the West Coast for the Muscle Beach International Classic over Memorial Day weekend and then at the FAME World Championships in Toronto.

So what makes Peggy Vee go? The onetime social worker with a master’s degree says she likes the way working out makes her look and feel. A healthful lifestyle lets her live her life the way she wants to and gives her the opportunity to help others do it too. As a certified personal trainer she now gets to combine it all in her personal and business lives. 

Check out Peggy’s BodySpace profile at and drop her a line telling her that you saw her in IRON MAN magazine. IM

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