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Pauline Nordine

Pauline NordineAge: 26 Weight: 117 Height: 5’2”

Training: Four or five days a week with weights; six days a week for cardio

Split: Day 1: deadlifts, hamstrings, calves; day 2: shoulders, forearms; day 3: cardio, abs; day 4: back; day 5: quads, glutes; day 6: rest; day 7: chest, triceps

Bodybuilding titles: Swedish Teen National Champion, 2003, ’04, ’05

Factoid: “I eat five to seven pounds of vegetables every day and a bottle of mustard. I only have one or two cheat days a year. I am drug-free. I come from Sweden, and I was the trainer for ‘The Biggest Loser’ show in Scandinavia.”

Supplements: “I am an AST Sports Science athlete, and I have been using their supplements since 2003.”

Diet: “No starches, no bread, no rice, no oatmeal, no fruit. I eat vegetables, eggs, pink salmon, mustard, pistachios and cocoa powder—and lots of EPA-rich fish oils, as well as a number of AST supplements.”

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