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Pauline Nordin Training @ Golds Gym by Jerry Fredrick

Pauline What supplements do you take?
vp2 protein isolate protein powder, BCAAs, Glutamine, Myo-D fish oil concentrate, NAC, R-ALA, GABA, L-TYROSINE, BETA-X, multivitamin, turmeric, glucosamine, chondrotin, bromellin, green tea extract, dymetadrine Extreme Ephedra free.

What vegetables do you eat?
Mostly shredded cabbage or shredded broccoli. I eat most vegetables, but I do not eat legumes or most roots. Carrots I eat.

Raw or cooked?
I either microwave them until they are soft and less crunchy or I stir fry them in a teflon pan. I never eat them raw, I find it tastes bland that way.

How many eggs a day and how prepared?
I eat 30 egg whites a day. I save a little yolk in each egg so basically it adds up to two or three yolks. I get boiled eggs from a local organic catering service a block from Golds (Jimmy´s on Hampton). I´m too lazy to boil them myself. I like the peeling the shells off, it makes it more fun to eat.

Pink salmon is canned or fresh?
I eat pink salmon in pouches. I eat them straight from the pouch with a spoon.

How cooked? Is mustard used on the vegetables or how used?
Yes, I pour mustard over veggies like sauce. I go through a bottle a day.

Do you eat salads?
Nope, I think salad is bland. I don´t like cold vegetables.

Pistachis is that pistachio?

Cocoa powder to make cocoa?
unsweetened hershey cocoa. I use 1 oz a day.

How many meals a day?
Up to two years ago I had 8-10 meals. Nowadays I eat 5 or 6. Sometimes 7. I eat BCAAs in between meals and I let it go more time between the meals throughout the day and let about 70% of my caloric intake come in the three hours post weight training. I basically semi starve throughout the day and feast at night.

When exercising how many sets and reps in your workout?
I can´t say because it differs all the time. I don´t have a set routine except for my ultimate goal is to overload my body without getting injured.

What do you do to relax when not working or training?
I go for deep tissue massage or work on my writing assignments (I work as a journalist).
I have a hard time relaxing. I don´t know what to do! I´m always thinking about new ways to make business or how to take a step up career wise.

Do you drink a lot of water and or juice?
Yes I drink water, but I don´t force it anymore. Juice? No way! It was years ago! I think it´s horrible to make juice. I don´t eat fruit by the way. Why? Because there are healthier things: vegetables. And when choosing what is more efficient nutrition I choose what I find gives me the best.

When did you move to California & when were you on the Ironman Magazine cover?
I moved to Cali March 31st 2006. I was on the cover June 2005.

What are your ambitions in the fitness world?
To become America´s fitness guru #1. Known for practicing what I preach, always being in extremely good shape and be considered a hybrid of human and superwoman! Another species that is! ;-)

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