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Neck-Focused Weighted Dips – Hit Your Triceps and Thicken Your Upper Back and Neck

This exercise is not your normal weighted dip…instead of having the dip belt around your waist, like you regularly would, you’re going to have the belt around the back of your head and neck.

This means while you’re doing the dip, you’re also getting some isometric neck work as well.

And yes, you CAN absolutely do this exercise with chains instead…IF you have chains.  If you don’t have chains, this is a great alternative.

The first thing to note here is that you should start VERY light the first time you try it. It’s perfectly safe to work the neck in an isometric fashion like this…you just want to be sure never to overload and strain those muscles.

So start light and work your way up gradually. I do a lot of heavy posterior chain training, which is why I’m using 45 lbs to start with in the demo, then increased to 90 lbs. This level of weight is fine for me because I’m advanced. Even if you are advanced like this, too, I would recommend starting lighter and moving up in small increments.

Set the belt around the back your head and neck then get into position on the dip bars.

Come down into the bottom. Having the weight around your head means your body will tilt forward as you come to the bottom, making it more of a chest dip at the bottom and a tricep dip at the top.

Keep your neck muscles tight and solid through the duration of the set – no relaxation.

This is also going to work the upper trapezius fibers strongly as well.

Obviously, you’ll need to be strong enough to be able to actually DO weighted dips in the first place before using this exercise.   Overall, it’s a nice total upper body movement, involving a lot of the muscle mass of the upper body.

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