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Eve Dawes Training at Golds Gym Venice

NAME: Eve Dawes
AGE: 32
WEIGHT: 98-101 during competition, 103-107 off season
HEIGHT: 5’1.5"

WHEN DID YOU BEGIN TRAINING?: I’ve always been super active and energetic. My Parents sent me to Ballet classes at the age of 3 to disperse some of the energy and I fell in love with dancing.  At 7 I started Jazz, tap, swimming, tennis and horse riding. I began at Ballet school in London at 14 and started with Pilates and then weights and cardio at the gym at 16; my arms were too skinny but I also needed to keep fit and lean during the school holidays.

WHY DID YOU START TRAINING?: I started training for many different reasons, to balance out my musculature to help with my scoliosis, to build strength, to keep fit and lean (there’s a lot of pressure to maintain a certain weight as a ballerina) and I continued because I loved it and the results. I’m really passionate about training, good form and nutrition as it really helped extend an injury free dance career for me and has so many benefits for everyone. I did my Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapist certification in London in 2006.

BODYBUILDING TITLES: NPC Open Figure Class A Competitor



Monday: Legs, butt, Abs

Tuesday: Shoulders, Chest, Calves

Wednesday: Back, Biceps, triceps

Thursday: Plyo, Hamstrings

Friday: Butt, Shoulders

Saturday & Sunday: No weight training, recovery days

My cardio varies depending on my weight; at the start of the competition season I’ll do an hour cardio, 6 x per week, but towards the end I’ll be limited to 25 minutes or No cardio as it’s hard for me to keep my weight up. I always beg to do some though as it really gets my energy up for the day and makes me feel better in general.

SAMPLE BODYPART ROUTINE: I get a new plan every month and my training is different every day.  The amount of sets, reps and exercise is always changing to keep my body challenged and having to constantly adapt. It also helps keep it interesting. One month my ‘Back’ day might have 2-3 rounds of 3-5 supersets consisting of 3-7 exercises in each and the next it might be 6 different exercises using drop sets; 4 sets starting with 12 reps eg: Bent over barbell rows, heavy one arm dumbbell row, widegrip pulldowns.

FACTOID:  I am originally from a small village about 30 minutes outside of London. My interests are travel (I danced on cruise ships for a few years so got to see a lot), Yoga, hiking, biking, creating yummy organic clean recipes, fashion and movies. My most embarrassing moment ever was unfortunately captured on camera and is #41 on E!’s ’50 Most Super Epic TV moments Ever’!  I’ve overcome a lot of barriers and believe you can do anything if you put your mind, heart and soul into it.

I CAN BE REACHED AT: [email protected],,,,

SUPPLEMENTATION: I take a wide variety of supplements throughout the day; mainly vitamins and minerals.  My kitchen looks like a supplement store! I use wesbites to research what I’m looking for, read reviews and find the best brand for my needs.  Adding supplements to my daily routine has made a huge difference to my body and results.

NUTRITION: My diet is adapted a lot by Team Bombshell depending on my weight. This was my 1st year competing so starting out I was on 6 meals a day for the 1st 2 months, then 8 and at the moment during competitions I’m on 11 meals a day as it’s hard for me to keep my weight up and not look too lean and vascular. I only eat organic; I’ve written articles on the importance of eating organic and am a big believer it makes a huge difference. My diet consists of lots of lean protein such a tilapia, flank steak, chicken and egg whites, about an equal amount of unrefined carbohydrates and lots of olive and flax oil. I drink like a fish; 1-1.5 gallons of water per day.

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