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Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway and Halloween

I was proud to welcome my first guest to my Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway this last weekend. The Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway is a new venture I recently started that allows anyone to visit me in sunny Tampa, Florida and train directly with me for three days. In addition to the one-on-one training with Natural Mr. Olympia, the Fitness Getaway recipients also receive a personalized Workout and Diet Program written specifically for them, a Training and Nutrition Seminar, a Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway T-Shirt and a copy of my book, “Natural Bodybuilding”. I am looking forward to welcoming more visitors to my beautiful hometown to train and work with me.

My first Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway guest was Eugene Toye from New York City. Eugene is 42 years old and he has been training for nearly 20 years. He is a natural bodybuilder and was looking for tips to increase his muscle mass without gaining too much bodyfat. Eugene was great to work with because he asked me a lot of questions when we did our workouts together. It was great showing him some new training techniques like doing 1 1/2 reps on the Hack Squat exercise, the proper way to do Pause Squats and the correct form on Barbell Rows. After three days of consistent training, Eugene was pretty sore and wiped out but he was really happy with the results.

We started the Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway on Thursday. Eugene flew in from New York and joined me at the awesome Powerhouse Gym in downtown Tampa that evening. I conducted a Training and Nutrition Seminar specifically for him but I also opened up the seminar to anyone from the gym. I was happy that we had a good dozen people from the gym attend the seminar and I got lots of questions on the best way to exercise and eat in order to increase muscle mass.

After the Seminar was over, I stayed with Eugene to go over his new Training and Nutrition Program. I customized the Program to his specific goals and bodytype. I also signed his copy of my book, “Natural Bodybuilding” for him and gave him his Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway T-shirt.

On Friday morning, I started the first of our training sessions with Eugene. We trained chest, triceps, biceps and calves in the morning at Powerhouse Gym and Eugene stayed to do some cardio on his own after we finished training. The weather in the fall in Tampa, Florida is gorgeous and Eugene was able to enjoy some sunshine during the day after our workout was completed.

On Saturday morning, we trained abs and legs at Powerhouse Gym. I was invited to a Halloween Party in the evening so I told Eugene he could come with me to the party if he was up for it. He went out and bought a Halloween costume during the day and I told him I would pick him up at 8 pm and we would drive to the party together. We had a great time at the Halloween party, which was held in an abandoned bar and was decorated to the hilt. I dressed up as a Roman Gladiator and Eugene was the Grim Reaper.

The following morning, we made our workout a little bit later since we got home from the party after 2 in the morning. We finished off our 3 day workout session with a shoulder and back workout. Eugene had a great workout as he didn’t drink the night before at the party (unlike many of our fellow party-goers who were hammered by the end of the evening). We took a few pictures together and Eugene was on his way back to New York. He really had a great time in Tampa and he promised to be back in 6 months to show off his gains.

If anyone is interested in coming out to Tampa, Florida to train one-on-one with me as well as receive your own personalized Workout and Diet Program, a Training and Nutrition Seminar, a Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway T-shirt and your own copy of “Natural Bodybuilding”, visit my website at and pick out the weekend that best suits your schedule. The 2012 Natural Olympia Fitness Getaway dates will be on soon.

As for me, I was really strict this week and stayed on my diet. It’s tough to go out to a party when in the middle of contest training but I did it and it was worth it because the party was a lot of fun. I stuck with Diet 7-Up and water for my choice of beverage and brought my food with me instead of partaking in one of the 30 pizzas or the catered food that was at the party. Plus, it was great to bring Eugene with me to the party and show him a little of the party scene in Tampa, Florida.

The count down is on for my return to the stage. I am planning on competing again for the first time in 7 years at the Natural Olympia this year. The contest will take place on November 11th-12th in Reno, Nevada and I will be entering the Masters Pro division. I am really looking good with 5 weeks to go. I am very close to the condition I was in when I shot my Ironman Magazine cover and I intend on being even harder and fuller by the time I step onstage. I am very excited and anxious to show the judges what I have. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates including some current pics as the contest gets closer. It should be fun!

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