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New myostatin inhibitor could spell the end of the steroid era

Tired of the whole controversy over performance- and physique-enhancing steroids? Well, forget all that stuff because a new technology has the potential to make steroids as obsolete as last year’s newspaper.

Billed as the “world’s first clinically validated natural myostatin modulator,” Myo-T12 from Peak Wellness Biopharma is designed to reduce serum levels of myostatin, a genetic protein that restricts muscle mass increase. Indeed, in a landmark clinical study conducted with healthy adult males, researchers documented average serum myostatin reductions of 46 percent—in as little as 12 hours—in subjects who got a single serving of Myo-T12.

Needless to say, that result made a lot of bodybuilders sit up and take notice. Now those same bodybuilders are trying Myo-T12 and sharing their experiences in a variety of online forums and logs. To find out more, go to, the sole source for Myo-T12, or to

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