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Motion-Transfer Cable Attachment

If your shoulder and elbow joints are less than perfect or you want to keep them free of stress and injury, you might consider adding the Motion Transfer Cable Attachment (MTCA) to your arsenal of workout accessories. IRON MAN first highlighted this unique piece of patented equipment in our August’ 05 issue (IM Research Team). 

I get many so-called revolutionary pieces of equipment to try. Nine times out of 10, those of us who train at the IRON MAN Training and Research Center try it for a workout or two, and it quickly moves to the nice-idea-but… box, never to be used again.

The MTCA is different. It’s an elegant solution to a problem caused by the fixed-hand position on the usual cable attachment. When you do your pulldowns, cable rows and the like, the solid bar locks your shoulders and elbows into an unnatural, fixed position. The MTCA lets your joints find your unique pulling position so you rotate naturally through the motion. You can use heavier weights in the safest possible way, and that’s a prescription for building maximum muscle. IM


Editor’s note: The Motion Transfer Cable Attachment is available at, or call (800) 447-0008.

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