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Morning Ritual To Live To 100

Focusing on your GI tract could lead to better health and body composition.

By Kris Gethin


I have always thrived on maximizing my health practices, which has evolved into very precise daily routines to optimize my health and longevity. The results have made it worthwhile. In fact, 18 months ago my routine blood tests showed health markers displaying that I’m in the top percentile of the world in my age category. This definitely didn’t happen accidentally. Rather, it’s the outcome of the attention I’ve paid to my health over the years.

The food I eat is pure. I always pay close attention to where it comes from and only use patented supplements that carry the MicroPure guarantee. On a daily basis I do everything in my power to reduce inflammation and remove toxins from my body to allow it to work optimally. My goal is to live until at least 100. To see what I’m doing to achieve this, you can follow my hashtag (#liveto100) on Instagram (@KrisGethin).

One of the most important things I do is follow a very stringent morning ritual to cleanse my insides and sustain my highest state of health by focusing on my GI tract. This article is going to give specific insight into my morning ritual that’s helped my health progress, along with improving recovery and my body composition.


The Ingredients

Upon waking, I always drink a concoction made of apple cider vinegar, organic lemon juice, fermented glutamine, turmeric, cinnamon, bioperine, greens powder, kefir and magnesium. I won’t lie, this mixture doesn’t taste amazing, but the health benefits of each ingredient are worth it. Once I’ve finished this drink, I’ll chase it down with a teaspoon of manuka honey. It isn’t just the sweet taste that I appreciate. This naturally healing honey is packed with plenty of health benefits, too.

If you’re like me, you want to know why every ingredient is included in my morning ritual drink. Let’s take a look at each to explain their health impact and why you’ll want to keep them in your home.


Apple Cider Vinegar And Organic Lemon Juice 

Apple cider vinegar and organic lemon juice are phenomenal for removing unwanted toxins and bad bacteria from the GI tract. After years of constantly eating and processing a high quantity of protein, there’s a natural build-up of amino acids and bacteria that can clog the intestinal wall. My natural cleansing remedy is to combine both of these hyper acidic agents. I’ve found they help tremendously.


Fermented Glutamine

Fermented glutamine is my personal preference. The emphasis I put on fermented glutamine must be clearly understood here because most synthetic glutamine supplements come from human hair or bird feathers! That’s not something I’d ever want to consume or recommend, so I only use Kaged Muscle fermented glutamine.


Turmeric And Bioperine 

Turmeric is one of the oldest natural healers for the gut. In fact, it’s been used in different parts of the world for over 4,000 years! Although it is acknowledged to have many other benefits, its ability to soothe the gut makes it a very popular supplement and the main reason it’s in my drink. The curcumin found in turmeric may significantly reduce inflammation, which can help address issues like IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Turmeric is also said to help the gallbladder produce bile. This can help the GI tract process food more easily. If food is broken down more efficiently, then the rate of assimilation may improve, leading to better absorption, recovery and energy. For this same reason, turmeric is known to be a great way of suppressing bloating.

It’s essential that bioperine be included otherwise the body can struggle to utilize the turmeric, missing out on the health benefits. That’s why I add this independently to my mixture.



Cinnamon helps relieve excessive stomach gas gathering within the GI tract and causing abdominal discomfort. It has specific agents that break down and relieve gas, allowing the whole digestive system to operate more efficiently.


Greens Powder 

Greens powder yields so many benefits for the GI tract! The addition of extra fiber helps the gut process food better and removes bad toxins. Specifically, the phytonutrients that are found in super greens aid in the management of toxins. Improved regularity is another common benefit of consuming a greens drink, thanks to the fiber. This is important because it’s the body’s way of removing the toxins collected and the waste products.

There are also alkalizing properties to consider from green vegetables and grasses. This is even more relevant for people who consume a high protein diet considering that it’s naturally acidic. Having a healthy PH balance helps in digestive processes, which is another reason I include greens in my drink.



Yogurt is often regarded as the dairy product of choice for probiotics, but kefir actually contains far more microorganisms of this variety. One serving of kefir can contain up to 30 strains of probiotic, which is significantly more than other dairy products.

Lactobacillus kefiri is a unique probiotic to kefir. It’s believed to help beat bacterial infections within the gut, which helps with processing efficiency and also protects against illness. Once the tract has been cleansed with the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, I find it essential to replenish it with good bacteria and kefir is the perfect ingredient for that.



Our microbiome is made up of billions of bacteria, which can be easily influenced by delicate variables. If this count becomes low, the gut can suffer, along with other functions associated with the GI tract. Magnesium is believed to help mediate the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. Several studies indicate that magnesium plays a very important role in gut health.


Manuka Honey 

Once I’ve consumed my main concoction of the aforementioned ingredients, I finish things off with a teaspoon of manuka honey. This special variety of honey is a very potent anti-microbial. As a result, it can help reduce bacterial infections inside the GI tract. This helps with discomfort within the gut, as well as issues caused by things like aspirin and alcohol. Manuka honey is so effective at this that it’s actually used as a natural remedy for gastritis. Bonus: Manuka honey is a fantastic source of B complex vitamins and minerals, perfect for heightening immune health.


That’s Not All!

There are other things I’ll do every day to help my GI tract stay as healthy as possible. Most of my meals contain soluble and insoluble fiber, usually relying on fresh veggies as my main source. Ingredients and foods that may irritate my GI tract, such as gluten with its inflammatory effects, are limited. Finally, hydration is always prioritized to help my body process the calories I consume. I drink at least one gallon of water per day, often with added electrolytes from Kaged Muscle’s Hydra-Charge to help keep a healthy balance of these vital charges in my body.

Each of the ingredients has a very specific purpose as part of my daily morning concoction. There’s no doubt from my personal experience, as well as my blood test results, that these ingredients have helped improve my health, recovery and energy levels exponentially. It’s a lifestyle choice I choose based on the incredible health benefits it offers me.

To become a better athlete, this stuff really matters. Macros and calories are just the tip of the iceberg. To operate at a level where everything is optimized and your health is protected, these are the kinds of things I’d strongly recommend you do. Taking care of the gut is one of the smartest things anyone can do for their overall health.

If you have any unique concoctions you make yourself I’d like to hear about them on Instagram. Post and tag me @KrisGethin, hashtagging #liveto100.

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